If you are looking for a writer, editor or proofreader, here’s why I might be the right fit for you:

I’ve been a journalist for 13 years. During that time I have worked in numerous editorial roles, from sub-editor to managing editor to news writer. I cut my teeth on b2b magazines, working across a range of industries – dentistry, shop and hotel fitting and electrical engineering. I then moved on to consumer magazines, working on a niche title for birdkeepers and then onto homes and interiors titles.

I’m flexible. Since going freelance, I have diversified my projects and clients. Using the skills I learned from magazine publishing, I have since worked on websites, writing newsletters, editing copy for a behavioural insights agency, reviewing baby products, writing bookazines and so much more. I’m flexible about how and when I work – I don’t necessarily work during the standard 9-5 day – which means I can turn around copy to tight deadlines.

I’m personable and curious. I was never given a detention at school, but I always used to get in trouble for talking. I love meeting new people and finding out about what makes them tick. I honestly believe that you can write about anyone and anything, so long as you are interested in it and want to learn more. I can turn my hand to a wide range of subject matter and I’m just as comfortable writing about nursing bras as I am global relocation or the importance of good oral health.

My family comes first. A good work/life balance is something that I have spent the last 4 years perfecting as a freelancer. While I will always meet deadlines and be as flexible as possible with fitting in work, I have young children. As their main caregiver, I will always put them first. What does this mean for my clients? Currently, I fit in my work around school drop-offs and pick-ups, so I don’t work a full 9-5 day. If they are sick, I may have to push work back, but I will always strive to make up the time as soon as possible. If I take a day off to be with the children, I will not be working/answering emails/taking work phone calls. If you don’t understand why this is important to me, then we probably won’t work well together.